Random Updates

This kid is 13 months, going on 13 years old.


He has a new trick: WAVING! As you can see, he is very impressed with himself.


We have been going to the library for some train table fun before story time every Wednesday. Desmond and Connor come too – but nobody really likes to play with anyone else just yet.

IMG_0360 IMG_0358

Eating is still a total nightmare. Don’t let these pictures fool you. He will only eat the following foods:

  • Uncrustables (but NOT a homemade PB&J)
  • Frozen waffles
  • Cookies
  • Puffs
  • Cheerios
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Goldfish

So you know, really healthy things.

IMG_0351 IMG_0219

We still love our morning selfies.

IMG_0348 IMG_0242


Every morning I let him watch the Will.I.Am sesame street video on my phone via YouTube. Do yourself a favor and watch it yourself. I sing the song all day long. We also like India Arie and Elmo singing the ABCs.

Tommy LOVES to climb the stairs, take baths and run around his room naked before bed. Honestly, he loves to do anything that is dangerous or life threatening. He hates diaper changes, the car seat and the stroller – really anything that keeps him confined.

He is still the best baby/toddler in the whole world. We love you Tommy Tom!




Dying over these two in the new double stroller that Fran bought.



I wish I knew what they were looking at! Also, yes it was 50 degrees so they were bundled up. Fran had them both for the entire day last week, took them to story time and everything. Very impressive!




Love these boys!





Last week we had the most perfect Sunday!

We started with a long walk and breakfast, followed by a trip to a new park- Play In Bay!


Tommy had a blast wandering around, but his whole entire life was made when he saw the sandbox. He had no idea what to do with the sand or the toys in his hands, but he sat there smiling for the longest time. I swear we sat there for 30 minutes straight (5 minutes is a long time to Tommy so 30 minutes is basically an eternity). When it was time to go, he SCREAMED the entire way to the car – he was not happy!


After our nap, we decided to bring him to MORE sand at RR Park. Again, he was IN LOVE WITH LIFE! So happy to be there and just pat the sand. It was hilarious to watch.




We made homemade pizza for dinner and had a few pumpkin beers to cap off the day. It was perfect!




We were lucky enough to have Tess Smith come over and take some pictures of Tommy and our family last week. (Side note: She also took Tommy’s newborn pictures and we loved them. Check her out if you need a photographer! http://tesssmithphotography.com/)

ANYWAYS – Here are the images she sent us as a preview. We are so excited to see the full session when she is done editing! Yay!












Now I just need to convince Tim to let me spend money on a few lifestyle sessions with her over the next few months 🙂



We drove out to Avon to check out the Prayers From Maria sunflower garden that was planted along I-90 in memory of a young girl who died several years ago.

What a beautiful memorial! They provided information about the terrible disease that took the young girls life, as well as pictures of other children who have suffered from the disease. It was hard to see, made me squeeze my healthy baby a little harder while we walked through.

And the sunflowers are GORGEOUS! So big and so many of them – quite a site.


We went on a rainy/muddy day, but would love to go back for a nice long walk with Shila and Tommy another day. If you are local, I highly recommend you check it out.




More info on the cause here: http://prayersfrommaria.org/Home/#1

More info on the sunflower mile here: http://www.cleveland.com/avon/index.ssf/2014/09/sunflower_field_brings_attenti.html


Kate and Chris came into town so we booked a babysitter and went out to dinner at the new Lago! It was so fun!

IMG_0058  IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062

After dinner, we ran into these guys! It was a blast to see friends that I haven’t seen in a long time!




Play time in the morning:


Lunch and walk with these two:


Dog walk and a visit to the park:


Awesome ending to a pretty great weekend!



I am finally getting around to sharing a few photos from Tommy’s first birthday party. In celebration of his birthday AND the construction on our back room ending we had a great (I mean, I’m not biased at all) afternoon cookout at our house!


I should probably note that before I had a baby, I thought first birthday parties were a huge waste of time and money. I now realize the parties are for the parents more than the baby, and that’s perfectly fine! While Tommy (my computer autocorrected that to Timmy three times – for real) will never remember this party, its still a celebration for the whole family surviving the first year!

We had to trash it up a little bit with the coozies – best purchase in my opinion 🙂


Here’s a few photos from the party – we had so much fun. Major thanks to my parents, without them this party never would have happened. And to Auntie Kate, who rushed around like a crazy person for 3 straight days in CLE to make sure every single detail was perfect. We love you all!

My mom made an amazing puff themed smash cake, since puffs are the only food that tommy will eat!


My mom also made these adorable banners!


My attempt at trying to be crafty – a photo wall in the shape of a 1. aka: why i don’t craft. DSC_5403

We set up all.of.the.toys for all the kiddos that stopped by.


My favorite decoration is the one i didn’t get a picture of! We have 12 windows in the garage, so we put his monthly cupcake picture in each window – they looked adorable. (month 12 is missing below because i took these before we hung that one!)DSC_5395

Because Tommy hates all food that isn’t a puff, he hated his cake. DSC_5431 DSC_5432

His face when we were singing was priceless though!DSC_5426

We tried to get a picture of all the boys at the party with Coach Ferg, which resulted in A LOT OF TEARS.

DSC_5436 DSC_5435

Grandpa and his boys!




I don’t know how this year flew by so quickly. I remember Tommy’s arrival into this world like it was yesterday, yet I can’t picture what our life/family was like before him! It’s been an amazing year, but HOW DID WE GET HERE SO QUICKLY? Tim and I definitely look at each other a few times a week, totally surprised/scared/proud that we are actually doing this!


Tommy tom, I really dislike when people say this, but THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME YOUR MOMMA! You taught your Daddy and I so much about ourselves, life and what matters most (i.e. Playing with trucks and nap time always trumps dinner and errands. Always). I would do anything to spend just another hour or two with you each day, you really make me the happiest momma ever (but i mean, if you said momma, that would be ok too). WE LOVE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 

 DSC_5390 DSC_5388



Anything that IS NOT a kid toy is actually Tommy’s favorite thing to play with.

Don’t believe me? On Sunday night we spent 30 minutes playing with this door.

DSC_5371 DSC_5369

Another twenty minutes were spent with this door.


Tim stands by Tommy and says “That’s a hinge. That’s a door handle. That is a screw” while they play. So, when Tommy’s first word is hammer or screwdriver, we know who to blame 🙂

Here are some cute pics from the same night when we were playing with the couch cushions. I promise we have real toys 🙂

DSC_5381 DSC_5380